Organic Optoelectronics Group is a section leading research in Departamento de Teoría de la Señal y Comunicaciones, Sistemas Telemáticos y Computación at Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería de Telecomunicación (ETSIT) (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Campus de Fuenlabrada, Madrid - Spain).

We face the whole organic device processing.

  • Fabrication the organic device in inert atmosphere, encapsulation, optical and electrical characterization, and numerical simulation of these devices.

  • We are focused in cost-effective tecniques for the whole process, material and device processing.

  • We have developed prototypes for novel lithographic techniques and nanopatterning based in micro- and nanoelectric arc .

Research Lines:

  1. Solution-processed organic devices using novel materials: triindole molecular derivatives, hyperbranched polymers, conjugated water-soluble polyelectrolites.

  2. INFRARED organic light emitting devices based on novel Er - complexes.

  3. Hybrid Organic Solar Cells: alternatives to ITO anode, and quantum dot based active layers.

  4. Micro- and nanostructuring of thin film conducting layers by arc-erosion. Displays without masks nor photolithography.


Associate Professors:


Dr. Ángel Luis Álvarez Castillo

Dr. Carmen Coya Párraga

Juan Jiménez-Trillo (UPM)


Undergraduate Students:

Xabier Díez Beltriú (ICMM - URJC)

Miguel García Vélez (URJC)

Darío Barriga

Gabriel Alvarado


Currently, we share equipments and facilities at Digital Circuits Design and Electronic Technology Laboratory (LabTel) of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC), localizated at Centro de Apoyo Tecnológico (CAT) building in Móstoles Campus. In addition, the group manages LabCADIO, a laboratory for organic device characterization.

Also, we belong to the "PHAMA - Advanced Hybrid Materials for Photonics Aplication" Consortium, together with Universidad Autónoma (UAM), Universidad Complutense (UCM) and the Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid (CSIC), which gives us access to their technological resources.

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    - PROFILE- Organic Electronics.
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    NEW Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness Call for Funding of PostDoctoral Contracts "Postdoctoral Junior Grants" (see 'Read more' below, "Programa de Actuación Anual 2013"). If interested to apply with us, contact our email!

    Application deadlines for researchers:

    From:     12th/Feb/2014
    To:         24th/Feb/2014

    Organic Optoelelectronics Group (URJC) - Spain, new associate member of the European Nanophotonics Network of Excellence N4E·NoE

    We got a three-years (2013-15) funding to develop technology of 'Graphene-based hybrid materials for optoelectronic applications' by Spanish National program for R+D+i (ref. MAT2012-37276-C03-03)

    Interesting news: Konarka remains acquired by Belectric (PV-Tech informs). Organic solar cell SoA concentrating in Germany.

    We got an award for our Bussines Idea called: "High Efficiency Energy Incandescent Lamps" under the 9th competition "ActuaUPM" of Universidad Politecnica de Madrid.